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Designing a small kitchen decoration with 8 delicate and artistic

Designing a small kitchen decoration with 8 delicate and artistic points

It does not matter if you live in a high-rise building in the city center or in a small mobile home on the outskirts of the city; The design and layout of the kitchen plays a vital and lasting role in improving the quality of your daily life. The kitchen, as the beating heart of the home, warms every living environment. Kitchen design is of particular importance from both aesthetic and functional perspectives. In this article, you will get tips for designing a small kitchen decoration. By taking advantage of these recommendations and based on the available facilities, you can design a beautiful and eye-catching kitchen and give warmth and light to your home.

1. Optimal use of small spaces

Designing small kitchen decorations is sometimes even more difficult than large kitchens; Especially when you want to design cabinets with various functions in cramped spaces and give ordinary and colorless kitchens a special and impressive effect. Definitely, paying attention to both beauty and function at the same time is an important challenge that you have to overcome intelligently.

Small kitchen decoration

First of all, you have to deal with the fact that you can not, in a small space, provide the necessary facilities for all the daily work processes that depend on housekeeping. In large and spacious kitchens, housewives perform other activities in the kitchen besides cooking and preparing food; Such as washing, storing food, and even dictating to a young child when chopping food.

Therefore, in such a situation, you should get help from the kitchen only to meet the cooking needs and focus on function first. In such a kitchen, proper and optimal appliances and workspaces are the most important. You can save a little space by locating small and innovative appliances; For example, you can use small refrigerators, microwaves and small built-in stoves (for example, with double burners) and single sinks.

The design of the island or small counter is very suitable for limited spaces. In fact, segregated structures, with their multifunctional functions, help to organize the space and give it a bigger effect. But it is clear that the twin sink and the very large stove do not really fit in such a space. Remember that you should never affect your daily life because of a feature that might come in handy once a year.

۲. Use open shelves

Small kitchen decoration

In today’s small and cramped kitchens, wall cabinets (overhead) make the cook feel short of breath; Because many people do not have access to their contents and there is not enough space in the kitchen to store stools or ladders, and because these cabinets are closed (with doors), they double the feeling of suffocation and confinement for the user. Therefore, it is advisable to use open shelves for storing dishes in such spaces, instead of closed and cubic wall cabinets.

You can use them to store shiny pans and pots, serve spoons, forks and spice containers, and even vases and artwork. By installing these shelves, in addition to opening the space, you can display beautiful dishes and even your decorative and artistic works and add to the visual effect of your small kitchen. These dishes and decorative works with cheerful and invigorating colors will give a warm and lively feeling to your kitchen.

3. Composition of materials

Small kitchen decoration

You may not be able to enjoy the spacious and generous spaces in your small kitchen; But you still have many options to design the decoration of your small kitchen and make your living environment more pleasant. In fact, these options are more impressive in small kitchens than in very large and spacious kitchens; In the same way, you should know that in a small kitchen, any defects and shortcomings are more visible; While in the large kitchen, you can easily cover the flaws.

But it is much more difficult to coordinate materials in a small kitchen. The combination of wood, metal and other materials for covering surfaces must be done very carefully and intelligently. In fact, a small kitchen, since it lacks impressive architectural details and features, should have special and impressive features, at least from an interior design point of view. Therefore, you must be extremely careful and tasteful in combining materials in work surfaces (tops), cabinet structures and doors, flooring, lighting and paint.

See, for example, where you can add a nice curve to the cabinet structure to get a dry, uniform quality. Does the granite worktop (which is more economical in small spaces) match the color of the cabinets? An important recommendation is that by using the same color and style for all cabinets, you can visually create a more cohesive and integrated space and prevent the eyes from scattering in the environment. So do not overdo the variety of materials in small kitchens.

4. Use glass and mirrors

Small kitchen decoration

One of the easiest ways to make a small kitchen more inviting is to use glass and mirrors, which allow you to see inside enclosed spaces as well. Designing a small kitchen decoration using glass and mirrors is called “negative space” by the designers, it opens the space and makes it look bigger.

For example, you can use a glass-covered counter or table; Or use glass for cabinet doors. Meanwhile, installing a glass door to separate the kitchen space from the outside, can make the space more visually open.

Also, glossy tiles with the ability to reflect light make the kitchen space brighter. Installing a mirror on the wall behind a dishwasher or stove or placing it in a convenient place around the kitchen will help to illuminate the space. Today, various glass mosaics have been made in different designs, which can be arranged on top of each other to separate the interior spaces with a beautiful and shiny false wall (partition).

5. lighting

Small kitchen decoration

Like any other room, your small kitchen needs a combination of local and ambient lighting. The brightness of fluorescent lamps used in most kitchens affects the color of objects, including food, by emitting blue light. To reduce this effect, we suggest using suspended lights. These lights decorate your dining environment with more appetizing colors. You can also use the following simple solutions to design the decoration of your small kitchen and make it bigger.

  • Use incandescent bulbs below the top cabinets. With their yellow light, these lamps illuminate the work surface of the lower cabinets and provide a pleasant atmosphere for cooking activities. Also, suspended ceiling lights with yellow incandescent lamps – which shine on the cabinets at different angles – create interesting shadows in the space and give a more dynamic visual effect to the whole environment through the contrast of darkness and light; This yellow spotlight modulates the cool blue light that fluorescent lamps create on cabinets, providing a more inviting space for work and living.
  • Also think about floor lighting. In recent years, floor lighting has also become very popular; Like the starry lights that shine up from the floor at night. These lamps can also be installed under floor cabinets in such a way that they shine on the cabinet tread.

6. Pay attention to the flooring

Small kitchen decoration

When we enter a room, our eyes often go down. That is why flooring is so important in the decoration of a small kitchen. To cover the kitchen floor, you should choose the most optimal option based on the space, taste and budget. Linoleum, which has long been used to cover kitchen floors, is really impressive with its black and white checkered pattern in small spaces, and at the same time, it is a relatively inexpensive option. Also, ceramic tile coating can be used instead.

In the case of small kitchens, fragmented marble cover is also affordable. These stones have a natural, rough and rough quality and with their amazing texture and role, they induce the feeling of outdoor space inside the house. Of course, marble can be really cold and hard underfoot; But it is definitely worth the visual impact. You can also use parquet flooring and laminate flooring. However, you must make sure that the seam of the parts is properly sealed during installation; Because the infiltration of water may cause them to expand; But on the whole, it is a beautiful option that makes the kitchen space warm and pleasant.

7. coloring

Small kitchen decoration

The color of the walls, kitchen utensils, countertops, chairs and even towels for drying dishes can change our mood and our perception of the size of the kitchen. Bright colors with appropriate amounts of white reflect light and make the room look taller by directing the eyes upwards. Bold colors are much more effective in eye-catching small kitchen decoration.

For example, the combination of glossy red cabinets with ceramic green walls and a muscular work surface can give your small kitchen an exciting and impressive look and, so to speak, light up your engine in the morning. You can also use this variety of colors in various kitchen accessories and equipment, especially in decorative and artistic objects.

8. Comfort and versatility

Small kitchen decoration

All of these points, from design and layout to colors and materials, help us to make the “kitchen” space look bigger; But sometimes you have to admit that comfort is the most important thing and there is no need to over-manipulate the interior design of a small kitchen.

Sometimes it may be better to just think about the convenience and accessibility of cooking utensils. In fact, when decorating a small space, you do not always have to enlarge the size of the room by changing the interior design elements. Sometimes you can design a beautiful and cozy space by using the available architectural elements.

So, instead of using tricks to enlarge the space, accept your small kitchen as it is and focus on designing a warm and intimate space instead of being cozy and bright. Perhaps the design of a narrow space for two people will provide a more pleasant situation than a large space; Also, the use of a dark and thick color can create a special and memorable atmosphere. On the other hand, you can use the tools and accessories to improve the efficiency of the kitchen as well as its beauty. Finally, do not forget that a kitchen, no matter how small, can still be very attractive and memorable.




Designing a small kitchen decoration with 8 delicate and artistic points

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