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New ideas for teen room decoration design

If you decide to change the decoration of your teen’s room, you should also consider his tastes and interests. Adolescents look completely different from adults. Remember, your beloved teen room is not just a place to sleep. Teenagers take refuge in their own cave to escape the world of small and large rules and regulations.

The point to keep in mind when designing a teen room decor is that the teen room is actually a place where they can express themselves freely; After all, it is the world of adolescence and its strange and sometimes unconventional interests. To design the decoration of the teen room with a little patience, you can easily combine their tastes and desires with the necessary principles.

Teen room decoration, a place to express ideas and interests

Teen room decoration with creativity

These days, teenagers are fully aware of the fashion of the day and are themselves designers and tasters. But the remarkable thing is that they are trapped between adulthood and childhood, and their situation is somewhat unstable. For example, most teens still have toys that they do not want to throw away, but they also like their room to be more formal and adult.

The approach and look of teenagers to design their room is to have their own unique space، Like a small apartment where they can spend most of their time. When designing a teen room decoration, you should pay attention to the fact that this room is a multi-purpose room. That means you have to prepare the space for homework, entertaining friends, sleeping, resting, etc., and at the same time you have to be able to consider the tastes and opinions of the teenager. This room should be beautiful and match the age and taste of your child. Adults usually like quiet and simple spaces, while teenagers like lively and energetic spaces.

Multipurpose room

Multipurpose room for teenagers

The teen room is not just a place to sleep. As teens get older, they need more independent space to spend time with friends, sleep, rest, study, and so on. In addition, the teen room is a space for him to express himself. If you are careful, most teenagers want to put a picture of themselves and their friends in their room.

To design the decoration of the teen room, pay attention to the following:

  • Space for study;
  • Space for sleep and rest;
  • A space to spend time with friends.

If the space you have is small, this multipurpose partition will be a little more challenging. So consider the following ideas:

  • Use vertical space to study and use shelves and shelves to place books and items;
  • If your desk space is small, the use of magnetic or wooden whiteboard keeps the desk space more open, is suitable for installing and storing some objects and equipment, and also helps to make the space more tidy;
  • Having a small bench next to the bed is also a good idea and can be used for various purposes such as sitting, placing some items, lying down and ؛;
  • If you really run out of space, you can put some pillows and cushions and a small rug to lick and… in a corner of the room;
  • Lean the bed against the wall and you can use mosquito nets and netting around the bed to create a more interesting space;
  • The bed you are considering for the room should be wallless at the bottom, but having a wall at the top of the bed that leans against the wall is a good idea;
  • Having a small, narrow honeycomb table in the room is a good idea and will have many uses.

Embossed designs on the wall

Graffiti on the wall of the room

Unlike adults, teenagers have a strong desire for energetic spaces and colors. Bedroom walls are the largest space you have for design and decoration. For example using:

  • light colors;
  • Patterned wallpapers;
  • Removable stickers on the wall;
  • Drawing graffiti on the wall;
  • Use neon and colored lamps in the form of letters to decorate.

Funny ideas for decorating a teen room

Funny idea for teen room

The simple and relaxing room is suitable for adults. Most teenagers want to have a colorful and lively room and show their energy in designing and decorating their room. Which aspect of a teenager’s personality comes into play in the form of decoration requires a bit of creativity.

In the various choices that are made, the calmness and simplicity of the room is usually the last issue and is less popular among teenagers. Creative and sometimes bizarre elements excite teenagers more than anything else. For example:

  • A hanging chair or a swing in the room would be really funny and great;
  • Bed hanging from the ceiling;
  • Wall-mounted aquarium;
  • Round bed;
  • Existence of a wall board to write, draw and express what is going on in the head of a respected teenager. Remember that boards do not have to be black, and using different colors in the construction and purchase of wall boards is an interesting idea.

Use of fabrics and various patterned wallpapers and wallpapers

Use of different textures

Teenagers feel safe and secure in their room. Use different designs and textures to decorate the room and make the space beautiful and enchanting:

  • Patterned velvet wallpaper;
  • Synthetic fur rug;
  • Use of separating curtains;
  • Soft woolen sheets;
  • Decorate with beautiful string pendants;
  • Pillows with different materials and colors.

Cupboards and shelves

Use of cupboards and shelves in the teen room

Teenagers consider throwing to be a ritual of their age, but when you have a closet and space for their belongings, they will definitely realize the need for them and appreciate you. There should be drawers and cupboards where they can even put their belongings and tidy the room. From the series of necessary tools in this case:

  • Drawer and cupboard;
  • Niche;
  • Comedy under the bed;
  • Cabin benches with storage space;
  • Wall cupboards.

Try to be creative in designing this part of the room as well as other parts and consider your child’s wishes, tastes and personality.

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New ideas for teen room decoration design

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