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What does finishing mean

Finishing refers to the materials and items that are installed in final stages in a framework of construction of a building, forming its final look. It includes both selection of materials and people to install them in every part a building such as facade, interior and landscape.

Finishing can be categorized into two types, exposed and hidden.

Exposed finishes are referred to those visible on walls, ceilings, floors and elevations. These materials range from paints, claddings, tiles, stones, works of wood, gypsum, artificial greenery, glass and steel, doors and windows to several other materials.

Hidden finishes, which are mostly not visible as the term states, can mainly be considered as the bases or Infrastructure of the exposed finishes. Plastering, insulation, waterproofing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing works, smart systems such as Speakers, Wi-Fi, Switches, Intercom, fire and smoke detectors, as well as air conditioning, vanities and bathrooms and such finishings are some of the hidden ones.

Stages of completing a project and where finishing starts

The stages of completing a project will be unique for each project and client. It depends upon each person or project’s requirement. However, there is a general framework that is followed in all projects. Putting stages related to structure aside, this framework starts with an agreement of designing the concept and details as per the clients’ needs.

After finalizing the design, comes the phase of choosing materials fit for the project matching the design. Once done with selection of materials, comes the fit-out and finishing stage where the application work starts and ends.

The importance of interior finishing work in building construction and why it should be done professionally

The details and quality of interior finishing work in building construction defines the value of a project more than even the beauty of the materials selected or the design. Thus, special care and sensitivity should be considered while finishing works are in progress. 

Regardless of what expensive materials or luxury touches are planned to be installed and done in a project, a bad finishing may undervalue all the valuable aspects of a property. As a result, it is very important to choose the right materials to be installed and the right people for delivery of finishing works.

In addition to value related importance of finishing, the finishing stage is the main provider of protection for the spaces in general.

There are a number of factors that can affect and influence the choice of materials and the way they are installed in this stage which need to be carefully studied and considered, such as:

  • Sustainability and durability
  • Weather factors
  • Life expectancy
  • Safety
  • Energy consumption
  • Application complexity
  • Cost
  • Maintenance and cleaning requirements
  • Appearance, choice of materials and color in contrast to the client’s requirements in each area of their project

All of the factors mentioned above are a great influence on the delivery, if not considered carefully, it can highly affect the quality of the work, outcome of the project and the dissatisfaction of the client.

Challenges of a proper finishing work constructions

Proper finishing work constructions rarely happens with the lower side of the offers you find in the market and no high offer guarantees a high standard finishing. Thus, choosing the right materials and people for finishing is always a challenge. 

Although people and materials with certain standards may look expensive, but when done correctly, proper finishing is definitely an investment by bringing you less future maintenance and malfunction related costs.

Finishing works of each project may have its own challenges, and the way forward is to face it in a feasible manner. Supervising and completing hundreds of finishing projects, we have noticed that wo main reasons of such challenges are the following:

  • Budget issues, which starts from the design phase. It is very important that a budget estimation and analysis is done while planning and designing a property. This assures that the ideas brought up and the materials proposed are within the budget dedicated to the project. As an individual, employers may not have the expertise to calculate the cost of their dream project and a professional consultant is highly recommended in such cases.
  • Using improper materials or nonprofessional people; If not hiring professional finishing contractors or consultants, unwanted changes during the finishing phase should always be expected, which sometimes may cause delays in completion of the project and affect the employer’s budget. Professionals can guide you through selection of the right materials and the right way of installing them. 
  • Noting that changes and adjustments are definitely a part of each construction project which cannot be eliminated fully, but at least by hiring professional finishing contractors or consultants you are decreasing the chances of them happening and their consequent losses, as much as possible. It is also important to have a clear agreement between the contractor and the employer which covers most of the details needed for proper progression of the work
Why we are a perfect fit for finishing of your project

Our greatest concern at Paya Bana Design and Construction Company is quality. We value our clients’ satisfaction just as much as we value our quality. Although the finishing stage is the final stage before the handover, we always do our best to ensure that we study and consider all the factors from the start point to have a clear vision of what comes next. 

Having completed 200+ projects and being updated daily, we use the most suitable materials, and install them in a durable manner to enhance life expectancy, reduce cost and energy consumption. When we are hired as your Turnkey Contractor, all our knowledge and expertise is at your service from the first sketch, assuring minimum finishing challenges at the final stages of the project. Quality is not accidental, trust our brilliant portfolio.

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