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The best choice for home color with tips that change

The best choice for home color with tips that change the mood of your rooms

Today, the discussion of the psychology of colors has become hotter and we all know that colors can change our mood. One of the fastest and least expensive ways to change the atmosphere of your home is to breathe new life into it and create a look that will not disappoint you in the real estate market. In this article, we will provide you with useful tips for painting your house.

What kind of painting color to choose?

Paints with different degrees of brightness are offered in two types of oil paints and plastic paints. Plastic paint has many fans due to its simplicity and high durability. It is also more resistant to fading, breathes better than oil paint and therefore drums less. Plastic paint is more suitable for most walls and parts of the house. Oil paint is more suitable for wood surfaces and covers stains on these surfaces better, because it sits on wood better than plastic paint. Keep in mind that the oil paint takes longer to dry. A good option is to use oil-based varnish (slag) as a primer and then plastic paint for the procedure.

How much brightness is suitable for home paint?

How much brightness is right for the color of the house

The brighter the color, the easier it is to clean. If you have a small child, there is a lot of traffic, or like in the kitchen, it is possible to spray oil on the walls, go for bright colors that can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. In contrast, high brightness makes the slightest flaw of the walls noticeable, and also this amount of brightness is unpleasant in a space such as the living room and reception. High-gloss colors are suitable for patterns and designs on the wall and create a beautiful effect next to the main color of your wall.

Semi-bright colors are also a good choice for kitchen, bathroom and toilet. These paints are good primers, washable, less shiny, and cheaper. Satin glows with their uniform satin look are also suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

If your walls are not very uniform and are severely damaged, it is better to use matte colors. Matte paints usually do not need to be primed. On the other hand, they do not clean easily and the effect of dust and stains remains on them, so it is better to use them in places where the walls do not touch much and do not have a lot of dust.

Among the bright colors, egg shell is one of the most popular, which covers imperfections like matte colors, is easier to clean and therefore more durable. This is a color that has the property of matte and bright colors at the same time and is suitable for most places.

What color to choose?

What color is suitable for the color of the house

If you want to sell your house, it is better to choose white or light color, because it allows the buyer to easily paint the space according to his choice and color, it also makes your house look bright and clean. However, you should not forget to talk to a real estate consultant and take advantage of the many choices you make. You can change the atmosphere of the rooms with simple designs and some colors and create curtains in different ranges.

Using the color wheel is a good help. We all know that red, yellow and blue are the three main colors and by combining them, other colors are created. Colors such as blue and purple, which are in close color cycles, make the other stand out. Contrasting colors like green and red complement each other and sit well together. Colors like green ones in a spectrum create a relaxing look. Cool colors such as different shades of blue, purple or green make small rooms look bigger and colors like red, yellow and orange make the space more vibrant. You can change the color temperature by choosing a muted range of these colors such as pink, pink or light yellow. Some warm colors complement the cool colors and vice versa. Available in a variety of colors, from vibrant to muted and dark.

Relaxing atmosphere

A range of different monochrome curtains, such as blue ones, soothe the space. The monochromatic environment is suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms and generally spaces in which we seek comfort. Choose your favorite color and use different curtains to overlap. For example, use dark blue for the walls, then use light blue for accessories or special parts of the walls.

Bright colors such as blue, pink, lilac and bright yellow bring you a pleasant comfort and relaxation. If you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, choose lighter colored curtains (warm or cold). Use a variety of materials and tools of various kinds to make the space more impressive. The uniform application of only one color without different curtains is obsolete in a space where the material and texture of everything are the same.

A color like cedar green easily conveys comfort to the kitchen, while bright yellow brings a pleasant feeling of anticipation for delicious pastries. Sky blue also brings you a sense of calm.

Lively atmosphere

Paint the house to create a vibrant atmosphere

If you want a vibrant and vibrant atmosphere, vibrant colors like orange and gold, red and dark purple are for you. Use complementary colors by selecting adjacent colors in the color cycle, such as orange and gold. You can also use contrasting colors such as orange and purple. The combination of black and red creates a dramatic contrast, reminiscent of oriental designs. Contrasting or complementary colors make one stand out from the other.

Stylish and dignified atmosphere

Neutral colors bring dignity and flexibility. These days, only white and beige are no longer recognized as neutral colors. You can easily create a stylish and dignified atmosphere by choosing different curtains of almond coffee with streaks (curtains, cupboards, photo frames, etc.) of red coffee. You can also soften the neutral state of the space by adding color with various tools such as pillows or vases. Do not be afraid to use decorative tools. Neutral colors allow you to quickly and easily change the mood of the environment. For example, you can easily change the neutral state of the environment by adding a few paintings or decorative tools in different colors. You can use lighter or darker colors than your base color. Remember that brighter colors make the space look bigger and more open. Various brick, lunar and granular curtains convey a sense of dignity and glory.


What color should we paint the roofs in the house?

By choosing the color of a curtain darker than the walls, you can make high ceilings look shorter. Choosing a lighter color than the walls for the ceilings has the opposite effect. Do not be afraid to use slightly different colors in the ceiling painting. If you do not want to use different colors, maybe not bad, the ceiling, door frames and floors have the same color, a color like cream ivory. This has a special dignity and you will be a beautiful transformation.

Focus point

When painting a house, do not neglect the focal points. You can change the space quickly by adding color to certain walls and areas or choosing a darker color for a particular wall. Just make one of the walls a little darker to make the room look smaller. You can also choose a lighter color than the color of the walls, but from the same family for bumps and plasters, to make the space look wider. This makes the space more eye-catching and visually pleasing. If the wall coverings are different, use two different curtains of the same color to create a visual contrast. By choosing a darker complementary color for special parts of the room, you make these parts more prominent. Stair railings, especially if they are in the center, will be darker in color than the main color of the walls.

With a little ingenuity, you will not need an interior designer to change the space of your home. With a little color and a considerable amount of creativity, you can change the look and feel of your home. Do not neglect certain sections and highlight them in a way. Think about how you would like to feel inside the house! If you want a romantic or relaxing atmosphere, use cool colors or light tones. If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable environment, bright yellow is suitable for your kitchen. For a calm and balanced atmosphere, use light curtains of moss green or cedar. Vibrant colors brighten up your home. Suitable for dignity and splendor neutral colors or light green. You can easily create the mood you want in your living space with a few cans of paint, a brush and a little creativity.



The best choice for home color with tips that change the mood of your rooms

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