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Reception decoration design with simple but stylish recommendations

Reception decoration design with simple but stylish recommendations

Like designing a small kitchen decoration, there are many attractive ideas for designing a reception decoration. Changing your home decor from time to time is not a bad idea, especially if you feel that the current decor is not comfortable and cozy enough. The living room in many homes is the living room where people spend most of their time. Therefore, you should change it from time to time according to your circumstances and mood.

But the truth is that most people do not know anything about the decoration of the reception and the layout of the living space. If you are in this category, join us. In this article, we have gathered attractive and practical tips for designing reception decoration for you.

Do not clutter the living room and reception area

Glory is in simplicity. Of course, simplicity does not mean that you should leave only one chair or one table in each room, but the design of the reception decoration should be well analyzed to create the least clutter.

Simplicity is not only good for the environment but also has a good effect on your mood and is also effective in reducing anxiety.

Use neutral colors

Use neutral colors in the reception decoration

Although simplicity is the basis of the work, colors should not be neglected. The important principle is to use neutral colors based on black, white and finally beige. This principle also applies to walls and furniture and plays an important role in attracting people’s attention.

Do not forget the simplicity of the floor

The floor and floor of the building also play an important role in the beauty of the environment. Like walls, the floor should be simple and neutral; Such other important elements as furniture, works of art and the like are more visible.

If using a rug, choose a simple design with floor-like colors.

Tips for interior layout

Tips for reception decoration

In modern interior design, it is very important. Therefore, the use of angled lines and pointed squares and even circles is very common. In other words, the most important issue is explicit representation. This principle plays a particularly important role in the arrangement of furniture. Proponents of modern design prefer a compact layout such as the linear layout of a sofa or dining table.

The two most common principles are minimalism and inflexibility, as long as it does not sacrifice your comfort. The secret to success lies in the proper combination of permanent symmetries with some cross-sectional asymmetries; A work that is easily possible with a few deconstructing works of art and even a few fluffy pillows.

The colors you use should contrast with the neutral background of the floor and walls; In a way that draws people’s attention to the part you want.

Combine items of different materials

Modern interior design in this field gives priority to wood, plastic as well as tools with wood facades. The use of shiny metals is also somewhat common, provided they are combined with objects that attract less attention. For example, you can combine them with designs of industrial wood, glass or impressive decorations.

Have proper lighting

Lighting is important in the decoration of the reception

Proper lighting is the source of positive emotions. So in addition to beauty, you should create a comfortable and relaxing space with lighting.

You can paint the walls, change the furniture or simply change the lamps. Both natural and artificial light make the space look spacious and relaxing; And this is great for a space where you spend a lot of time.

It is not enough to illuminate the space and shine the light alone, you have to pay attention to the light source and categorize them so that the light shines in the necessary places. This does not require much time and money; Sometimes it is enough to replace 3 different bulbs with a powerful one. These days, smart bulbs, whose light intensity can be changed according to the situation, are a good option.

Another advantage of this simple change is that the bulbs and lights are easily found in any color and shape. But these lights, no matter how impressive and attractive, never replace the natural light that shines on you through the windows. So if you have enough facilities and budget, increase the light parts of the house.

Light changes people’s emotions. It is the light that transmits the feeling of comfort and warmth or sometimes makes you feel cold even with heating devices. The method of light distribution also determines the importance of objects. Light is effective in creating the environment you want to provide for your guests.

Technology cannot be denied

Do not neglect technology in reception decoration

Technology, along with its beneficial application, is a modern innovation! Demonstrating and using technology is not only a sign of your interest in a particular brand, but also a dignity that may not be achieved in any other way.

Modern rooms with their computers, game consoles and flat screen TVs look smart enough to match your contemporary style design.

Paint the walls artistically

Decoration plays an important role in the appearance of the living room or living room, but only if you know what to do. You can decorate the walls with patterned wallpaper, posters in plastic frames or paintings and calligraphy in a way that is a result of your personality.

Also, instead of paintings, you can paint part of the walls yourself or cover them with attractive coatings. When decorating walls, do not forget that what you choose should be a sign of your personality and have a special meaning for you.

Without a fireplace there is little

The fireplace has a significant effect on the decoration of the reception

Even if you live in a warm area, you should know that the fireplace not only affects the beauty of the space, but also conveys a sense of comfort and relaxation. You do not have to have a real fireplace, a hole in the wall with antique bricks around it creates the same result.

Your art is a sign of your personality

Do not be short! This is your living room and you decide how to decorate it. Modern decor provides a good opportunity for artistic choices such as abstract paintings or dynamic posters.

The important principle is diversity; You can choose from a wide range of vibrant designs to monochrome paintings and minimalist designs. Choose your favorite designs and colors and arrange them in a principled way.

Consider a focal point in the living space

In each environment, the focal point must be clear so that you can identify the location of the other elements. What you put in focus should be an element that attracts attention and, above all, has an impact on the guest.

So choose wisely, inlaid dining table, impressive modern TV or large mirrors are good options. But there is nothing better than a valuable work of art (if you have the budget).

Common and modern decorations in reception decoration design

Use of decorative tools in reception decoration

Eye-catching vases, scented candles or earthenware are never out of fashion, and they are also compatible with minimalist design. Distribute them in different parts of the room, in a way that harmonizes with other devices and elements.

The most attractive objects are usually not in the eye

Applying all of these rules is effective; As long as it does not take up the space you need and does not interfere with your comfort. A large number of tools and objects make the space narrow, make a person feel suffocated, and take away comfort and convenience from the environment.

So for optimal design, it is better to have a space with many windows. Welcome sunlight; In a way that shines on all parts of the room. Keep the walls neutral and use clever elements. This makes the space smart and glorious. It does not matter if it is small or large, the decoration of the reception and living room should be in such a way as to create the most comfortable and pleasant environment.

Whether you choose modern or classic design, there is a common goal; Create the space you deserve to spend the most time in.

If you care about the beauty and charm of your home, you will probably spend a lot of time cleaning and tidying up. Knowing tips about planning your daily chores will help you make the most of your time.




Reception decoration design with simple but stylish recommendations

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