Design and build a personal library at home; 8 attractive

Design and build a personal library at home; 8 attractive ideas and ways to implement them


Do you love books and reading and would you like to have a cozy place at home to enjoy reading? Do you think it’s difficult and you do not have the money and energy to do it right now? Honestly, building a personal library or updating your home library design is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is important to have good ideas for doing this. Also, you can implement each of these ideas in the best possible way by better understanding the features and details of each of them. In the following, we will talk about this issue. Join us with 8 ideas for designing and building a personal library at home. Finally, we introduce the facilities and equipment needed to build a personal library at home.


8 ideas to find the right place in the house

First of all, you need to choose a place to build a personal library at home. The space you choose does not have to be very large and generous. By observing some design elements and interior decoration, you will be able to use even the smallest spaces to build a library. Of course, it’s much better if the place you choose has at least enough space to fit a chair or a small sofa and enjoy reading in your spare time.

1. Design and construction of a personal library in the living room

Design and construction of a personal library in the living room

It may seem a little strange, but one of the simplest and least expensive ways to build a personal library at home is to add it to the living room design elements. The good thing about this idea is that you no longer have to spend money to buy a sofa or armchair. You can use the living room furniture service to sit while studying.

In terms of appearance and interior design, there is no need to worry. A variety of modern models of libraries are available for this purpose. In addition, if you have enough skills, you can implement ideas yourself and fill some parts of the walls with wooden shelves.

If you have a small space to implement this idea, it is better to use built-in bookshelves and shelves that do not fit.

2. Design and build a personal library in a separate room

Building a personal library in a separate room in the house is another idea we are talking about. This idea is especially suitable for those who have serious plans for study or work and have to set aside part of their time during the day and week to do these things.

When considering a separate room for the library, it does not matter much in appearance, and you can work with simple wooden shelves along the walls. We suggest you fill all the shelves with your books and keep the look of the room simple, neat and tidy; So that being in the room motivates you and encourages you to work and study more.

3. Design and build a personal library in small and unused spaces

Build a personal library in small, unused spaces

We can implement this idea if there is an empty corner in the house that can be used. Placing a seat such as a couch or armchair (or like the one you see in the picture) in these empty spaces is easy. Also add small wooden shelves that fill the walls and other parts.

To get a better idea of ​​the space in question, look at these two examples:

  • If you live in a house that is connected to the upper rooms by stairs, you can use the empty space under the stairs for this purpose.
  • If you have a relatively large closet in one of the rooms of the house, you can use its free interior space to build a personal library in the house.
Do not forget that the small empty spaces in question must have a minimum. If the space inside the closet is too dark and cluttered, this idea may not be feasible.

4. Design and build a personal library in secret

This is another interesting idea for book lovers. By performing it, you can access a place that is completely cozy and quiet while studying or working, and you will practically hide from the world. No one can disturb you in such a place, except family members who are probably aware of the existence of this secret library.

Here are two ways to implement this idea:

  • Method 1: You need a fairly large space to do this. We are going to divide this large space into two completely separate parts. Our suggestion is to use a whole row of bookshelves to do this, to separate the two parts of the interior of the room. Hinge some of the shelves and turn them into doors. You have to be able to move between the two parts of the room by opening and closing it. In this way, for the unfamiliar eyes, it will not be clear that there is a separate section behind the library. It will be your study place.
  • Method 2: Another way is to work on both sides of the library shelf wall with less width and fill the space between them with a large painting or something similar. You can access a separate section and personal library by moving this panel.

  • Ideas to determine the interior design style of a personal library

Once you have determined the space you want to build a personal library in your home, we move on to the next step: how the interior design and decoration of the space we have chosen should be and what its style should be.

Think about your favorite colors and designs. We suggest that you do a little research and use the colors that psychologically motivate people to study, focus, and work. Different backgrounds of brown, yellow, white, red, orange and other colors are effective for this purpose if used correctly and in principle.

Here are some ideas for personal library interior design style. You can run whichever is closer to your taste. Another way is to take advantage of these ideas and find new ideas with your own creativity.

5. Build a personal library with traditional (classic) design

Build a personal library with classic interior design

Having such a library will require the following elements:

  • Spread a rug that covers almost the entire floor of the room;
  • Using traditional furniture (for example, combining a dark leather sofa or couch with a small glass table is a good idea);
  • Using the best types of wood (natural woods in dark brown colors, for library shelves and of course other parts such as the door of the room).

Fireplace, flower pot, luxurious traditional paintings and paintings, Jashmei, Decorative candles And other things like this are all used for the interior design of a classic personal library. Of course, it is better not to use them too much to maintain the simplicity of the design. We are going to build a library for my grandfather to study and paint. Do not forget to use the classic design when designing and building the library.

6. Build a personal library with a minimalist design (minimalist)

Minimalist interior design to build a personal library

Minimalistic interior design, also known as “simplistic” or “minimalist”, is another extremely efficient and popular idea for designing and building a personal home library.

The main elements of this type of design, as its name implies, are not complex and special things. All the tools and things you choose should be simple, stylish and beautiful at the same time. In addition, all items (desks, chairs, shelves, etc.) and different parts of the library room should have a light solid color (preferably different white backgrounds).

If the space you choose to build a personal library with a minimalist design is generous and has enough light, it will be great to implement this design idea.

A library that is too crowded and has many contrasting elements in its interior design and decoration can cause distraction and difficulty concentrating. Another advantage of a minimalist library design is that it is very useful for maintaining focus and avoiding distractions.

7. Build a personal library with a modern design (modern)

Build a personal library in a modern style

This idea is another popular and widely used design. In the following, we will introduce you to its main elements:

  • Industrial furniture;
  • Efficient use of all interior space;
  • Long and clear lines in the interior design of the library.

These are the three main elements of designing and building a personal home library in a modern or contemporary style. It is better to use different background colors such as brown, black, white, gray and metallic colors to design the interior of such a space.

8. Construction of a personal library with rural design (rustic)

Design and construction of a personal library in a rustic style

If you want to bring the atmosphere of nature outside your home to your personal library, we definitely suggest you to implement this idea. The most important elements of the interior design of the library in a rustic or rustic style include the following:

  • Wooden armchair;
  • Use of neutral colors;
  • Using pots of houseplants for interior design of a rustic library.

Necessary tools and facilities to build a personal library

Are the tools and facilities that must be provided for each personal library; No matter how the library is designed or how big or small it is. In the following, we will say what these devices and facilities are. When reviewing each, we also mention the choices and options ahead.

Library shelves

The models and types of library shelves are extremely diverse and different. Choosing from them, at least in terms of number, is not an easy task. It is better to limit your choice depending on the unique conditions of the space you have. Built-in shelves, suitable for smaller spaces, ready-made shelves, polished wood shelves and… are all among the many choices you have before you.

Of course, if you have enough skills and equipment, you can also make a wooden shelf yourself and then make it the color you want.


If the ceiling of the room where you work in the library is very high, you will definitely need a ladder. The library ladder has a variety of models and types that you can choose from; For example, the library rail ladder is an interesting and efficient choice.

Furniture or armchairs

The library should be a place where, in addition to accessing books, one can work and study comfortably and carefree during those hours. Therefore, comfortable equipment for sitting and being in the library must be provided.

Adequate light

It is better that the space you choose to build a personal library is completely bright. It would be great if you could place your desk or study somewhere near a large window. Even in such a room, it is better to use enough lamps for more light (when the air is dark).


Adequate lighting is one of the most important things to consider when building a personal home library.

Which idea should we choose now?

Simple ideas for designing and building a personal library at home

Choosing from the mentioned ideas depends on these two reasons: the specific taste of each person and the facilities and equipment he has. Of course, you should not implement one of these ideas. You can use the mentioned details about each one and achieve new results yourself with a little creativity. It is important to note that having a personal library at home does not necessarily mean leaving a separate space at home. With simpler ideas you can have a personal library:

  • Make a table with a circle at the top and bottom, and make small shelves for books between the two parts of the circle. Put a comfortable chair or a small sofa next to it and turn this cozy and small space into your personal library.
  • You can make a medium-sized box of good quality wood and put it in a corner of one of the rooms. Put your books in this box neatly (standing, like when you put books on bookshelves).

Creatively using these simple and inexpensive ideas can also be incredibly interesting.

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Design and build a personal library at home; 8 attractive ideas and ways to implement them

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