19 ideas to decorate a birthday with simple but attractive

19 ideas to decorate a birthday with simple but attractive and unique items


At a birthday party, you can always come up with attractive ideas for decorating a birthday party without spending so much money. These ideas are especially visible at the birthday parties of your loved ones. The effort you put into decorating your loved one’s birthday party is far more valuable than paying extra to buy decorative items. In this article, we will introduce you to 19 attractive ideas for decorating a birthday. These ideas are suitable for all types of births. Whether it’s your toddler’s birthday, or a dear parent or friend, you can apply these ideas. These fun ideas are even perfect for a two-person birthday party for your partner.


1. Decorated hooded hat

You can easily make a hat with a few pieces of paper and decorate it with a little glitter. Make lots of these hats so that all the guests can use them and fall in love with them.

2. Paper top

Paper tops for birthday decoration

Colored tops create a pleasant atmosphere for a birthday party. Whether decorating a birthday table or a wall, guests, especially children, enjoy it.

3. Chandelier of ribbon

A ribbon chandelier is a tool for decorating a birthday

Hang ribbons or strips of fabric in different colors next to each other and from rings. Then hang the ring from the ceiling with the help of a few pieces, like a lamp. This simple decoration is suitable for all kinds of birthday parties.

4. Balloon background

Balloons are a tool for decorating birthdays

Balloons are one of the simplest birthday decorations. You can squeeze the balloons together or leave them alone. In addition, decorating a balloon for a birthday party with paint, sequins and other decorative tools is one of the best and easiest ways to add color to a space. Filling balloons with colorful paper and other ornaments, while laborious, creates an attractive look.

5. Paper Waterfall

Paper cascade is also considered as a simple birthday decoration. Instead of scattering scraps of paper as usual, place strips of paper side by side to create a colorful cascade of paper.

6. Decorate the candle

Do not leave birthday candles alone. Decorate them with sequins, beads and other shiny trinkets.

7. tablecloth

Desktop is a tool for decorating a birthday

You do not have to buy a new desktop every year. You can make a compact and patterned runner table or tablecloth with the materials you have on hand to decorate the birthday table; For example, put a few pieces of wood stick together to form a table. You can paint it to your taste.

8. Flower decoration

If you want to make it very crowded, decorate the corner with bouquets of flowers to please both the birthday owner and the guests.

9. Edible candles

Edible candles are a tool for decorating birthdays

Making a birthday candle yourself is very effective. What’s even more amazing is making candles out of biscuits and sweets.

10. Decorate with supermarket flowers

You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy flowers. Just use the flowers of the supermarket in a beautiful and creative combination to decorate the birthday party.

11. Handmade pendant

You can decorate the walls with a strip of shiny, colorful fabric or paper that you make yourself. This is very economical.

12. Paper background

Paper background to decorate a birthday

With some colored scraps of paper, you can create any name and address on the wall. Stick the papers on the cloth or any surface and then hang them on the wall.

13. Paper balloons

These balloons add a special magic to the space. You can add an LED bulb to them.

14. Flower bottles

Flower bottle is a tool for decorating a birthday

Colored containers or bottles with fresh flowers are good tools for decorating a birthday party. Use containers and bottles of various shapes.

15. The mask of the owner of birth

Print the birth certificate image in different modes. Put a hat on them and a wooden base for them. Distribute these masks among the guests.

16. Comet balloons

Add a trail of colored fabric or paper to helium-filled balloons. This is a creative and fun way to decorate a birthday balloon.

17. Kapik pendant

Cupcake Pendant A tool for decorating a birthday

Pass the paper covers of cakes and cupcakes in different colors of ribbon and make a pendant with a birthday mood.

19. Fan pendant

Fan pendant of birthday decoration tools

Just fold the colored paper. Then attach the fans to a ribbon to create an attractive and economical pendant to decorate the birthday party.

Decorating a birthday party with your own tools is definitely doubly valuable for your loved ones. Have you ever tried such ideas?






19 ideas to decorate a birthday with simple but attractive and unique items

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