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Our Terms and Conditions in Paya Bana 

Latest Update: January 2022 

Dear valued client, your total satisfaction of our services is what matters to us the most. After more than a decade of experience, we have come across a list of main causes of misunderstandings between us and you. By pointing them out before we are honored to provide you our services, we hope for a total understanding of probable situations between you and us.  Please make sure you go through the items listed below and don’t hesitate to contact us if any clarifications are needed. Your comments are most welcomed. 

  1. Upon confirmation of our quotations or contracts, client should sign and whatsapp, mail or e-mail it to the provided addresses.
  2. All our offered prices or cost estimations are exclusive of VAT which should be considered as an extra to our offer or cost estimation, unless the amount is mentioned in the quotation/contract.
  3. Advanced payment means the client has accepted the quotation/contract with all the terms and conditions mentioned both here and in the submitted quotation/contract.
  4. Whatever term, word or scope which is not stated in the quotation/contract would not be included and should not be considered as granted or our responsibility.
  5. The amount of quotation/contract cannot be reduced by any means after start of work.
  6. In case of any mismatches between the drawings, plans or details submitted by the client to us and existing site situation, we deserve to ask for extensions both financially and timewise.
  7. Any requests or modifications required by client should be written and delivered to one of our representatives officially announced to client. We would not be responsible for any requests done through other methods or other people such as labors.
  8. In terms of any needed approvals, confirmations or modifications during our  work, client should review and reply back maximum within 7 working days time and give us his/her comments or feedback.
  9. Any approval fees are not included in our services unless mentioned in the quotation/contract.
  10. Our engineers do site visits during Morning times (8 am to 1 pm) and office meetings can be held anytime from 10 am to 5 pm.
  11. We require booking and appointments for either site visits or office meetings. You can easily book an appointment through this link. Please avoid booking for the upcoming 24 hours unless urgent. Once you have requested the meeting we will get back to you for confirmation.
  12. Our time tables and time estimations are based on working days.
  13. Our time tables and time estimations are excluding any circumstances beyond our reach such as approval delays, corresponding authorities delays, natural disasters, lock downs, holidays and such.
  14. In case of any modifications or stoppings asked by client, the corresponding period of time should be added to our time tables and time estimations automatically as an extension of duration of quotation/contract.
  15. We will update the client about the modifications they have asked for within 7 working days.
  16. In fit-out projects, materials to be used should be submitted to client for approval. The time required from client for approval should be added to our time tables and time estimations and it should not exceed 7 working days.
  17. In fit-out projects, designs should be approved by client before implementation.
  18. In design projects, produced renders and designs will be uploaded in our official website and a PDF album to be sent to the client.
  19. In design projects, designs will be delivered in 3D rendered images and general dimensions PDF files only unless other deliverables mentioned in the quotation/contract.
  20. In design projects, designs to be modified only two times free of charge.
  21. In design projects, the work will start 10 working days after down payment is received.
  22. In design projects, a group will be created in social apps (WhatsApp and such) and all the arrangements and negotiations such as brainstorming will be done within that group where all the chats and discussions to be considered as approvals and all parties should stick to that.
  23. In design projects, layouts, plans, sections and dimensions to be considered as per client’s submitted drawings as reference and we will not be responsible for any mismatches between the submitted drawings and site conditions.
  24. In design projects where 3D rendered images would be the final deliverable, the number of renders will be in a way that all areas could be seen and there is no area which is missing (Normally two renders for each area from two opposite corners)
  25. In case of delay in our payments and our financial shortage, we deserve to stop the work until payment is done, without any penalties and with extension of time.

.——————– (01/01/2022)

26. In terms of warranties or maintenance work, we would be responsible for whatever which is clearly stated in our quotation/contract. Whatever which is not clearly stated, would not be our responsibility and we deserve to ask for its cost if desired to be done by us.

27. Supply of water and electricity on site is responsibility of client and at his own cost, unless separate agreement is clearly stated in our quotation/contract.

28. In excavation phases, we would be responsible to excavate only till the depth mentioned in original MM approved drawings submitted to us by the client at the time of singing quotation/contract or 180 (One hundred and eighty) centimeters from natural ground, which ever comes less.. In terms of extra depths needed as per site conditions, client would be responsible for the extra cost than the original quotation/contract.

29. In construction projects, PCC to be done only 10 (Ten) cm bigger than dimensions of footing as per the original MM approved drawings submitted to us by the client at the time of singing quotation/contract. Any bigger dimensions PCC or other alternative requirements to be quoted separately as extra to the quotation/contract as per site conditions.

30. In fit out projects, we do not warrant the electrical appliances such as lights, pumps, etc, or replace them free of charge after installation. For warranty requirements, client needs to contact the supplier directly by referring to the related documents and warranty cards, if any, presented to him during handover stage.


Our terms and conditions keep updating for betterment. Please refer to the date of your quotation/contract. We will stick to what has been noticed before commencement date of your quotation/contract.

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